The Project

This project consist of building a luxury villa with environmental friendly method, which is energy efficient whilst being equipped in high technology.

If this project turns out to be successful, the 2nd phase of the project will be to develop it to a complex (minimum 10 houses) and in a 3rd phase integrate living amenities area (i.e. mosque, shops and restaurants….).

PEOPLE-PROFIT-PLANETWe are hoping to achieve this project whilst following on the “Triple Bottom Line”  framework which means the project will focus on financial, environmental and social outcomes (or the 3Ps which stand for “People, Planet and Profit”.).

The project consists in 3 phases :

  1. prototype house,
  2. housing complex,
  3. community and amenity complex

The idea is to have the following house specifications, however the research part will identify if this is the best choice in order to keep with our concept and the feasibility process

House specifications


  • Using mostly local, natural and traditional materials and methods (i.e. mud house)
  • Grey water Systems
  • Generate positive energy (solar or other methods)
  • natural cooling and heating system / passive house?
  • design enabling most natural daylight
  • Collection of rain water
  • Energy saving lights
  • Non chemical pool – natural individual swimming pool
  • Cellar – natural fridge?


General Specificationsafricanheritagekenya

  • Villas
  • 4 bedrooms
  • Luxury finishing – kitchen, bathrooms,…
  • Privacy settings (wall / no views from neighbours) – Islamic style
  • Natural swimming pool / or private water area
  • Shutters
  • High tech