Nomad Eco- House is a project initiated by Nomad Project Solutions. It is Nomad Project Solutions’ vision to change the way we build houses in Africa and to make Somaliland an example of best practice and become “avant-garde” in the way of building eco-friendly houses.


Triple_Bottom_Line_graphicNomad Project Solutions is hoping to achieve this project whilst following on the “Triple Bottom Line”  framework which means the project will focus on financial, environmental and social outcomes (or the 3Ps which stand for “People, Planet and Profit”.).


This project has attracted many different actors who share the same interest and feel change is possible. If you are interested in joining your effort to ours, you are welcome to participate through our Forum  or by contacting us through our contact page.

The project as well as all the information that will be gathered will be of open source, which means the information of the project will be given for anyone to use and replicate as desired.

The current main participants are:

To find out more about who is involved check out our teams.

If you are interested joining your effort to us please complete the contact us form specifying how you would like to get involved. We are actively searching for a trust worthy partner in Somaliland to carry out the building work. Please contact us for more information.